|Envy Hair Salon Service & Reservation Policy

We have an ACTIVE 48/hr. Cancellation policy for rescheduling or changing your appointment.

Reservation cancellations need 48/hr notice, but if you continuallu cancel/reschedule your reservation, this prevents us to properly book and we may not allow you to book ahead without a deposit. This will be protocol for EACH canceled reservation. After 2 offenses, you will not be allowed to book ahead of time without a service deposit.

A credit card is required to be kept on file. Your credit card will NEVER be charged unless you violate our cancellation policy.

If you are taking advantage of any of any daily deals, Facebook specials, email promotions, Groupons, gift certificate, or promotion of any kind this MUST be disclosed at the time of booking or at least prior to beginning your service

By doing so, we may validate any discrepancies or expiration dates. If you fail to disclose your anticipated discount before beginning your service, the discount may not be applied at checkout. Certain vouchers or promotions cannot be used on certain services or with certain stylists as we do have independent workers within Envy. Promotions, deals, offers etc. cannot be combined in any way. We may not allow the use of gift certificates with certain offers or promotions. Extra-thick or extra-curly services that require more time/attention will still be

Guest Service Deposits during booking will be required for the following instances:

After multiple offenses, you will no longer be eligible to book reservations ahead of time- we will ask that you call to check availability same-day or walk-in

Cancellations with less than 24/hr. notice or any severe cancellation history
No-Show appointments: you will be required to pay for 100% of any future requested service total, if there’s ever a second occurance you will also be required to pay for the reservation missed and you will no longer be able to book ahead of time.
Same-day service changes: booking a Color, Haircut, Blowdry but arriving and changing your service to just the cut IS a cancellation.
After 3 offenses of cancellations: even with a day’s notice it still takes away opportunities to get other guests in, run on schedule, and for our stylists to take home a paycheck.
Services requiring 2+ hours for booking: (Color Corrections, Smoothing/Straightening Services, Ombre/Balayage, etc. will be disclosed at booking) This is also to ensure that your 2+hr spot is reserved, one on one, and that you will be in attendance for the time/date set. You will be required to read and sign our service policy waiver for any chemical service or service totaling 2+ hours.
Deposits will range from 50-100% of service total unless otherwise discussed with and approved by your stylist. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Reservations for kids & minors (ages 13-17):  


Child’s Haircut does not include a wash/blowdry.
After the age of 12, the service is considered an adult service.
It is NOT the responsibility of Envy Hair Salon LLC’s stylists or staff to watch or care for your child if left unattended.
We highly recommend children under 12 are accompanied by a parent/guardian.
If you are dropping a child off for a service, you MAY NOT leave more than just the 1 being serviced.
You MUST bring your child inside and MUST be present to pick up on time.
It is not up to the stylist’s at Envy Hair Salon & Spa to contact you in terms to your teenagers’ appointment. If your teen is booked for a color retouch but asks for highlights, a glaze, a cut, something extra, etc. make sure they are aware if they must contact you FIRST for approval to prevent ‘unauthorized’ or extra services/charges.
Running late for your reservation  

We understand the fact that sometimes we all run a little late. However, out of respect for our guests, we cannot run behind for our next clients, who are arriving timely for their appointments, because you arrived late. If you are running late for unforseen circumstances and this is a rare occurrence, we can make a few adjustments.

10 minutes late- you will have to opt out of your blowdry service
Up to 15 minutes late-fee of $15 and no blowdry
After 15 minutes, you will need to reschedule your service entirely. There will be no exceptions made to this policy.
If you cannot respect our time, we will have to ask you to find another salon. We understand that accidents and emergencies happen; stylists make a living that is based on the guests they service. Majority of the time it isn’t possible to fill a last minute opening at such short notice and still comfortably attend to the rest of the day’s schedule, but that is exactly why we have a policy in place. We do hope you understand.

We at Envy Hair Salon love & appreciate all of our clientele to the ends of the Earth!

If there are any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to Alyssa via email GetEnvied39@gmail.com 24/7 or call 860-757-3580 during our hours of operation.