PLEASE NOTE: All prices listed are starting prices. Services marked * vary in price due to time, chemical or product needed or incorrect booking.

Extra thick/ thick & curly price will be an additional $20 charge to service total for extra time/product needed.

*Blowout complimentary with any color service*

Please come in for a CONSULT WITH one of our STYLISTs if  you need SPECIFIC PRICing for any service. If you request/book a service incorrectly, our stylists will NOT be able service you to your expectations- For incorrect booking and reservation policy, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “read more”


✃Stylist Consultation (15 min.) $20/$50 toward service being booked

consult price will be applied toward service booked, non-refundable, $20 price for services needing 1-2 hours, $50 deposit for any 2+hr service.

✃Blowout $30

✃✃EXTRA THICK Blowout (60-90 min.) $50

✃Deep Conditioning Treatment no Blow dry (20-25 min.) $20

✃Deep Conditioning Treatment w/ Blow dry (45-60min.) $40-60*

✃Formal Styling & Up-do (75 min.) $70


✃Wash, cut, blowdry (45-60min.)  $45

✃✃EXTRA THICK Wash, cut, dry (90 min) $60

✃Men’s cut (30-60min) $30*

✃Kid’s Cut -no wash/dry- ages 12 & under (20-30 min.) $20


✃Corrective Color- pricing upon consult, $50 deposit required for corrective service/applied toward service

✃Toner (after 7 days from previous color treatment/no blow dry)- $15

✃Color Retouch- $55*

✃Full Head Color-  $80*

✃Color Gloss Shine- $50

✃Partial Highlight- $80*

✃Full Head Highlight- $120*

✃Ombre  or Balayge- $150* ($50 deposit required/will be applied toward service)

✃ Pulp Riot VIVID/FANTASY color single streak (no bleach)- $30

✃Pulp Riot VIVID/FANTASY color 1/2-full head- no bleach- $55* -w/bleach- $80*


✃Permanent Wave (Perm) $90*

✃Keratin Full Service Smoothing Treatment $150-$180 price depends on thickness/length

lasts 12-16 weeks, free TRIM with first full service smoothing treatment, $5 off follow-up blow dry in between smoothing treatments when booked every 12-16 weeks

✃Keratin Express Treatment (Lasts 4-6 weeks) $80 +blowout, $50 when added on to any service


✃Eyebrow $15

✃Lip OR Chin $7

✃Lip & Chin $15

✃Full Face $40

MAKE-UP APPLICATION – $55 (no lashes included/BYO) w/ lashes included $80

*Bridal + Bridal Party hair & makeup are priced and rated differently*


| If you request/book a service incorrectly, our stylists will not be able service you to your expectations- for example if you book a “color retouch” over the phone and you expected some highlights OR cut with your service, you will be getting just your roots colored. If you booked a “full head color” but actually wanted an ombre, we simply won’t have time to give you an ombre or highlights for that matter.-

| If you are unsure what service to book, do not hesitate to explain/question your situation to our receptionist over the phone while you are booking. Appointments booked incorrectly online will be completed only as booked, no exceptions. We do not accept notes on services booked incorrectly, especially if the service you truly wanted was not available for the time you requested. If you decide to cancel because you cannot get the service you expected, that is okay, but this will result in a $25 fee paid SAME DAY or before any future service can be booked to make up for the time out of our schedule that is lost. |

| If you are unsure of what service to book, please talk to our receptionist for help. We had to put this on our service menu because it has become a common issue. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24/hr notice, you WILL be required to pay a 50% deposit of the next service requested before your reservation will be accepted every time you book. |